Mediation Services and Mediation Support

Mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes in which the parties select a mediator to resolve legal, financial and other family matters without going to court.  A mediator is a neutral who sits down with the parties and facilitates a productive discussion with respect to any issue that the parties cannot resolve on their own. Family law mediators will address financial issues and equitable distribution, support, alimony and custody and assist the parties with reaching a binding agreement.  Attorney Melissa Shirey and Attorney Catherine Doyle are trained mediators. 

When another mediator is used, our attorneys can provide support for individuals utilizing mediation by providing legal consultations to ensure the client is fully aware of the law and legal options, and the preparation and processing of the proper legal documents to implement the decisions reached in mediation.  If you or your significant other is interested in Mediation, one of the Attorneys at The Family Law Group can sit down with you and explain the process in further detail.

This option is particularly well-suited for couples who:

  • Desire privacy
  • Want to navigate issues cooperatively and with mutual respect
  • Need maximum flexibility in structuring a settlement
  • Require some support and assistance in working together to reach a resolution


If you are interested in a consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact the Family Law Group to schedule an appointment.